A Man Made The Judges Cry At France’s Got Talent 2022 With His Song ‘You Raise Me Up’

November 24, 2022 VIDEOS


A video of Alexis Couveler’s extraordinary performance at France’s Got Talent 2022 has gone viral as of today.

he introduced hiself to the judges by performing the world-famous hit “You Raise Me Up” and received the Golden Buzzer at the end.

Alexis Couvel, 35, is from Carrossier, France and has over half a million views on YouTube alone.

The world famous song “You Raise Me Up” was produced by the duo “Secret Garden”. The song was released in 2002 and has been covered by over 125 famous musicians over the years.

Hear father-of-two Alexis Couvelard, 35, sing the hit on France’s Got Talent 2022. Will he amaze you with his voice too?

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