6-Year-Old Asks Mom To Be Friends With Dad

September 8, 2018 VIDEOS


Watching your parents go through difficult times is hard no matter how old you are. Seeing parents argue without resolving the conflict can have a detrimental effect on any child! So when 6-year-old Tiana found out her parents were splitting up, she vaguely understood what would come with that – she had no idea that things could get so ugly so quickly…

Tiana watched her mother cry, her father be frustrated and the separation of the homes fall out in a period of a few months. Life definitely wasn’t what it used to be and she hated watching her parents go through life in such turmoil! That’s when she decided to sit her mother, Cherish Sherry, down and tell her exactly what was on her mind. We’re so glad Cherish decided to record her daughter’s lecture and share it online for the world to see.

Tiana sat on the steps and told Mom that she was tired of all of the arguing. If she could be nice, then so could her parents. Instead of fighting constantly, they needed to “come down” to each other’s levels and see things in a positive light. Throughout her entire lecture, Tiana asserted that she just wanted everyone to get along and be friends – she wasn’t trying to be mean. This conversation broke Cherish’s heart and opened her eyes. She and her ex-husband’s actions were clearly bothering their sweet daughter and things needed to change right away. Watch this heartwarming conversation unfold by pressing “play” on the video below.

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