Truck Driver Delivers Instant Justice, Smashes Into Brake Checking Driver

May 13, 2019 VIDEOS


If you drive a lot on our roads, then you surely also witnessed brake checking yourself, especially when driving on the highways.

Some arrogant drivers are using this type of behavior, as they are aware of who is guilty in the event of a collision from behind.

A video clip from Sweden came online a few months ago, in which we can see a car driver driving in front of a truck. Since the driver of the freight vehicle had already seen that the arrogant driver was braking in front of his truck without reason, he took the mobile phone into his hands and then started recording.

The driver of the car continued with his behaviour, so the truck driver hit him without mercy.

As the driver was once again braking at one point, truck driver simply ran into his car te deliver justice. The lesson learned?

Source: klipland

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