A Young Man Saved A Bald Eagle From Drowning In A River

August 5, 2022 VIDEOS


One video that has become a hit on the Internet is one where you can watch a female eagle being rescued when she is in trouble.

She could not fly out of the water, so kind people on a boat came to his aid.

The video, which was posted on YouTube two weeks ago, has already become a real hit – to date it has gained more than 4 million views, and many animal lovers express their respect and honor to those who saved the eagle. from death.

The eagle in the video was with other eagles that had successfully taken off from the water in the past, but unfortunately the medication did not help. The film was filmed in Nova Scotia, Canada, located on the country’s southeast coast.

See the rescue of the eagle, which without the help of kind people would have perished in the water. Good luck to everyone involved in the rescue.

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