Adorable Pit Bull Sings Along To “Tennessee Whiskey,” Making The Crowd Laugh

May 8, 2019 VIDEOS


We all have our own unique tastes in music. Some of us prefer pop rock while others might prefer listening to country tunes. Although we typically choose music that reflects our personality, likes and dislikes, cultural and spiritual beliefs, life experiences, and thoughts and emotions, sometimes we choose to listen to certain genres of music because we simply find it catchy.

Regardless of why we elect a certain genre of music as our personal favorite, one thing is certain: music is a part of all of our lives from infancy and beyond. As some might say, music is in our blood as it has been a critical part of every culture and group around the world for thousands of years. No matter how much humans change and evolve, music will always be a favorite of ours in some form or another.

Although humans may believe they are the only ones who find joy in music, Tank the American pit bull is living proof that animals can also enjoy music just as much as we do.

In the beginning of video footage featuring the adorable pup, Tank is casually biting a chew toy while lying down on a couch covered with a cozy, zebra print blanket. Once his owner instructs her Amazon Alexa to play a Cardi B song, Tank seems a little perplexed by the song that plays and maybe even a little annoyed.

Shortly into the Cardi B tune, the owner has Alexa pause the song and change it to “Tennesse Whiskey” by Chris Stapleton instead. Seconds into the country song, Tank begins singing along while throwing his head back: “Raaa roooooo!”

Clearly, the pit bull feels some type of way. Singing along with his eyes closed, it’s clear that Tank is deeply enjoying every lyric and every beat of his favorite song. And apparently, the Internet is enjoying the pit bull’s version of the song just as much as he enjoys the original, as the footage of the dog’s singing has earned over 1,100,000 views to date!

Watching Tank enjoy the country song is not only proof that other species can enjoy music as we do, but it also reminds us that sometimes we just need to stop what we’re doing and indulge in our favorite song.

Source: metaspoon

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