Nurse Braids Patients’ Hair On Her Days Off

December 25, 2021 STORIES VIDEOS


The internet is surrounded by videos of nurse Brooke Jones at work.

After a working day, She goes to the hospital several times to cheer up the patients there in a very special way.

Brooke Jones, a 40-year-old nurse, works in the emergency room at Southern Hills Hospital in Las Vegas, where she spends her free time volunteering.

Every day she meets people who are struggling with illness and does hem hair several times to brighten their day and smile.

“It’s not just a haircut, but a way to get closer to patients, talk to them and encourage them not to be alone,” said the nurse. Many people say that Brooke is an angel from heaven and that her actions can serve as an example for people around the world. Let’s help others and improve their lives with our help

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