Meet Funny Dogs Who Will Crack You Ribs… A Must Watch!

June 22, 2017 VIDEOS


I have always loved funny videos, but this one of the puppy makes my ribs ache because of too much laughing.

Actually it is a video that combines many scenes, from a small girl who is sharing a hose with a pup dog to a laboratory pup who keeps splashing water from a small bowl, proving how a dog can sometimes be very funny. When the video starts at the one minute mark,the father lifts up some cards for the kids to read, and the family pet dog prefers to join them. This makes all the family members to laugh -it’s the scene I love most in the video. What is your favorite scene in the clip?

Dogs of the retriever type, are well known for being athletically active and playful. For many years, the Labrador has held the title of being the most popular dog in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, and the USA. They very much fit into helping autism and blind people, play the role of therapists, and do detection work for law authorities, whenever they are trained.

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