Dog Found Lying Next To Owner Who’d Passed Away 6 Weeks Prior

July 2, 2019 VIDEOS


They say dogs are a man’s best friend. One dog in Australia recently proved that theory to be true after the tragic death of her owner.

Dropsaw and her owner were like two peas in a pod. According to PAWsitive, the two lived together in a remote area, not far from Queensland. Because there weren’t many people who lived nearby, they mostly stayed to themselves.

One day, Dropsaw’s owner had a heart attack. Unfortunately, due to their private lives, there was no one around who knew what happened. The poor dog had to go at it alone, finding ways to survive for weeks.

Dropsaw had some food left over which she eventually devoured. She also drank all of her water. The dog then had to find more creative ways to continue living. She drank water out of all of the toilet bowls and ate whatever she could find in the kitchen. Through all of this, she never left her owner’s side.

Six weeks later, someone found Dropsaw and her owner’s body. The dog was tiny despite her efforts to find food. In fact, she had lost about a third of her body weight while fending for herself.

After hearing about this incredibly sad story, community members wanted to help. A non-profit group called Red Collar Rescue came to the rescue in a big way. Chris, a worker from the non-profit, decided to take Dropsaw in as a foster dog. However, it didn’t take long for Chris and her husband, Bob, to figure out that the dog was just what their family was missing.

Dropsaw is now living with her new family, and there’s a bit of familiarity in her new home. Bob happens to share the same first name as her previous owner

What a heartwarming ending to a tragic story. How many of you are guilty of “failing” as foster parents by eventually adopting a new four-legged friend? Let us know the stories of how your family has grown due to unforeseen circumstances. Also, pass this story along to someone who needs a smile today.

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