Owner Sings “I Can’t Stop Loving You” And It’s A Lullaby For Her Dog

September 23, 2019 VIDEOS


Our puppies, with their responses and mischief, always make our day better. A video of a cute chihuahua has been circulating online these days as she listened to her owner’s beautiful singing.

With her reaction, the puppy stole whole attention instantly!

Malinda Herman posted a video online singing the hit “I Can’t Stop Loving You” while also playing the guitar.

The sympathetic chihuahua struggled hard not to fall asleep immediately on her lap – the scenes captured by the camera will surely make the day better for you!

The video has garnered over 280,000 views in just three days on the Youtube network, which is just another proof to how many people have taken over the puppy’s image. Will the sweet dog capture your heart too?

Source: Klipland

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