Pennsylvania Man Captures All Walks Of Life Crossing Log Bridge

March 13, 2020 VIDEOS


Photographer Robert Bush, who comes from the US state of Pennsylvania, posted a special video on YouTube last year.

He placed the camera in the woods for a year, right next to a fallen log over which many animals could cross the river.

Over the course of a year, the camera has captured many wildlife scenes, and online users are genuinely impressed by what they saw. The video was posted by Robert Bush on the YouTube network half a year ago, but it has gone viral in these days.

Bush’s Pennsylvania Wildlife Camera,Youtube

The video shows the life of many wildlife in the middle of the forest and their ingenuity as they cross the river. Many on the web wrote that the video shows the best 5 minutes with animals.

Check out the cute scenes from the forest where we can watch wildlife sharing their path across the river.


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