Stray Lonely Kitten is So Scared He Keeps Crying for Help – Until He Finally Finds The Love He Needs

January 28, 2018 VIDEOS


No one knew how he got there, and no one had any idea what he really wanted. All the people could hear were cries coming from a warehouse. It happened for two whole weeks!

This cat was abandoned, and he probably wandered off and ended up lost in the big building. He cried for help, but he wouldn’t let anyone find him. He stayed away in hiding. But that’s before David and his wife came up with the perfect plan. You see, they already had a few of their own pets, so they knew how to make friends with little creatures.

One day, they started coaxing the little kitty to come out and even tried bribing him with some food. After some good efforts, they managed to earn his trust. He literally walked to them and let them pet and feed him. Awesome!

The couple knew they had to adopt this little gem. They took him home right away. Ollie is now all happy and thankful at his new and lovely forever home.

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