Two Doctors Try To Skip Traffic, Cyclist Stands His Ground And Makes Them Go Back

June 14, 2019 VIDEOS


On the road, we always come across drivers who simply do not care about road traffic regulations. They think that all the roads are theirs, and often violate laws to gain some valuable seconds of time.

Such is also the driver of the vehicle in the clip, but he quickly got an instructive lesson from the cyclist.

In order to get to his workplace in time together with his co-worker, he stumbled to another belt and started overtaking. He was then stopped by the cyclist, who asked the driver to back up to the column.

The driver’s excuse was that they are both doctors! According to them, patients were waiting in the hospital, but the cyclist, despite persuading, did not let them go.

Some online users say that the cyclist was wrong, while others are standing on his side. They say that the rules are written for everyone and we all have to stick to them!

Source: klipland

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