He seems like any ordinary horse, but watch when he walks out of the barn.. everyone stare in awe

February 28, 2018 VIDEOS


In 2012, a horse by the named Big Jake was declared to be the tallest horse on the face of the earth by the Guinness World Records. Digging to his history, it states that Big Jake weighed 240 pounds at birth. Currently, this Belgian Gelding horse is 6 feet, 11 inches tall and has a weight of 2,600 pounds! The owner of the horse is Jerry Gilbert who lives in Smokey Hollow Farms in Poynette, WI.

Many may think that because of its tallness and weight, he is a disobedient horse, but as Jerry declares, Jake is an obedient huge creature with a kind heart and adores people. Apart from those qualities, he is an attentive horse and loves to play about too. The secret behind the huge weight of Jake is that he is fed on a strict diet that includes lots of oats, a variety of vitamins and two bales of hay on a daily basis.

Both the horse and owner work together to raise funds for Ronald McDonald House. If you have never met this huge horse face to face, and it happens to be your first time, then be sure that you will spend at least 5 minutes in staring at his height, this is according to Jerry.

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