The Dog try To Attack The Cat, And The Result is a Laughable Laugh

May 20, 2021 VIDEOS


These days, a funny video has appeared on the net that immediately became a hit.

The owner filmed his bingo dog in front of a neighbor’s cat that appeared uninvited in his basement.

The dog image has already become a real online sensation on YouTube. The video has nearly 10 million views to date. All this in less than two months.

The dog was the first to dare to see Ollie’s neighbor’s cat behind a closed door in the yard. He gets along badly with the cat, and as soon as the owner opens the door, he tries to drive the attacker away. But what was happening was not what many expected.

The cat got up and sent the dog back to the house. The compassionate scene is sure to make anyone who is unhappy with pets laugh over and over again.

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