Indian Dance Crew V. Unbeatable Earns Golden Buzzer From Dwyane Wade On AGT

July 28, 2019 VIDEOS


These days, a dance group V.Unbeatable from India presented in the show of America’s Got Talent.

For their exceptional dance performance, with a lot of acrobatic inputs, they earned the Golden Buzzer of the guest among the judges!

The boys and girls from the group devoted their performance to the late friend Vikas, who danced with them in the past. But their tears of mourning soon changed into the tears of happiness!

Guest among the judges, Dwyane Wade, pushed the Golden Buzzer for members of the V.Unbeatable group, which takes them straight into the semi-finals of the show.

Look at the remarkable performance of dancers from the Mumbai, India, who fascinated all the judges in the American talent show!

Source: klipland

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