Tiny Baby Bat Melts Hearts “Demanding” Belly Rubs Like A Puppy Dog

January 22, 2024 ANIMALS VIDEOS


A few months ago, a video appeared on the Internet in which you can see a touching scene of a rescued bat.

The bat fell from its mother’s hands in flight and was rescued by kind people on the sidewalk.

The video, which appeared on YouTube a few months ago, has already become a real hit – it has now been viewed by more than 2.6 million people, and the image of the bat is loved by many animal lovers.

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The bat was handed over to veterinarians and was soon taken to the Australian Wildlife Rescue Centre. The keepers named the bat Eddie and immediately fell in love with it.

At the orphanage, he meets volunteer Rea and accepts her as his mother. She prefers to be pampered in his presence and acts like a puppy in his arms. Watch this cute video that will warm your heart.

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