She Can’t Afford A Prom Dress So Her Brother Wears It The Best She Can’t Afford

March 15, 2022 STORIES


Siblings often argue, especially during adolescence. Siblings don’t always get along. But in any case, our brothers and sisters will always be on our backs. We like to annoy each other, fight and play pranks on each other, but we know that they will always support us. We all express our love for our brothers and sisters in different ways.

But this brother showed his love for his sister in the most creative way.

Maverick Francisco Oyao, a Filipino arts and culture student, decided to make a prom dress from scratch for his younger brother Lu Asey Kinna. When their story went viral on the internet, it spread quickly.

It all started when Luga’s school announced that the junior high and high school (JS) graduation ceremony would go ahead as planned. Students were required to wear ball gowns, but Luu’s parents were worried that they wouldn’t be able to buy or even rent clothes. Luckily, her brother came to her rescue!

Maverick was a creative person, so he knew he had to step in. Then he decided to sew a ball gown for her sister from scratch. It’s all cheaper than the more expensive dress. He didn’t have much time, so he went straight to the textile market for supplies.

Maverick bought the whole thing for 3,000 pesos (about $62) on a small budget. It was much cheaper than renting or buying it, and could cost three times as much as the money spent on its materials.

He said he was inspired by world famous Filipino designer Michael Cinco. “I started looking at different types of ball gowns on YouTube and Google, especially Michael Cinco’s spring and summer collections, and came up with the concept,” he said.

With all the materials ready, Maverick set about designing her sister’s dress. Then I made a skirt pattern and began to cut the fabric. We embroidered a cross with white silk ribbons and decorated the skirts with plastic flowers, transparent crystal beads and mica. The skirt itself looks amazing!

he finished her corset by hand-dyeing it with a blue ombre to match the dress’s color palette. Maverick also adds a blue spiral when dry, making it more elegant. Inspired by Michael Cinco, he enhanced her look with bright blue ombré sleeves.

And her sister just killed her when he wore it to prom. Her winter ball gown has become her favorite outfit!

Of course, Low did not win the best dress award today, but his brother, who is always supportive, is very proud. He wrote on his Facebook page for Lud, “I’ve done a great job supporting myself (big brother) and I never get tired of supporting you. This is my promise. I hope you enjoyed this Valentine’s Day.”

The video went viral almost immediately and even reached Michael Cinco! Maverick is now accepting design and photography projects to help his family get through these difficult times.

Prove that you can do anything if you can inspire and motivate yourself. And Maverick had enough of his unconditional love for his sister.

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