Grandpa Dances With Granddaughter After Nerves Almost Stop Her

March 21, 2019 VIDEOS


It was an adorable moment captured on camera when this grandpa dances with his granddaughter. 4-year-old McKinly Lester was all ready for her big cheerleading performance when nerves started to get the best of her. That’s when she turned to her mother and said, “Mommy, I want Papaw to dance with me!”

Without hesitation, her grandfather jumped right onto the floor to give McKinly the confidence she needed. Together, they perform the cutest cheerleading routine.

Even though he wasn’t sure of all the moves, Papaw gave it his all with claps, kicks and arm motions. At one point, he even picks up the pom-poms to complete the routine. The entire time, both McKinly and Papaw have the biggest smiles on their faces. It’s obvious that these two share a very special relationship.

There’s truly something extra sweet about the relationship between a grandparent and their grandchild. Their children have grown into adults and started their own families. And these grandchildren are the product of the next generation.

An added bonus is that a grandparent can spoil a grandchild in a way that they never could with their own children. McKinly and her Papaw are the perfect example of a loving and sweet family relationship.

Even when it is something that is out of his comfort zone, this man was willing to put his pride aside to support his little granddaughter. It’s moments like this that these two will truly remember for a lifetime. I’m so glad that it was all caught on camera.

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