Miss Colorado Moving Speech About Nursing

February 26, 2019 VIDEOS


If you’ve been watching beauty pageants frequently, you’ve probably seen dozens and dozens of participants showcasing their best talents. Some of them would sing while others would dance. There are participants who wear really sparkly dresses and costumes to match their performance.

Miss Colorado, however, wasn’t anything like that. Instead of a song or dance number, she chose to forgo the usual talent routines and deliver a really moving monologue.


Kelly happens to be a nurse and she’s proud to let everyone know her story. In her monologue, she talked about one of her patients who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Despite her patient’s condition, he was able to make Kelly realize the true meaning of what she’s doing for other people. For him, she’s not just a nurse but she’s someone who made an impact on his life. She was always there to care for him, talk to him, and make him feel valued despite his condition.


The monologue was a bit unusual and a lot of people actually told her to not do it. However, as a nurse, she considers her ability to take care of other people as her greatest. She also wanted to serve as the voice that’ll give nurses that recognition they deserve.


Kelly was able to do just that. While she didn’t win the title of Miss America, she was hailed the second-runner up of the competition. Apart from that, she was also able to serve her purpose of showing authenticity, speaking up for nurses, and earning that recognition for her chosen career.

Kelly relayed to the audience that though her striving goal is to care for others, nurses also get back so much in return. Not only did she make an everlasting impact on her patient, he make one on her that will last a lifetime. That is often how it goes when we strive to be a blessing to others, we realize the blessing comes back to us in bigger ways than could ever be imagined.

She was thankful for how everyone stood up for the profession and how the nurses expressed how much they value their chosen career. For her, everything that has happened was more about them and not her.

Kelly clearly wasn’t just all beauty. A graduate of the Grand View University, she was the valedictorian of her class and also a person that cares for others showing them kindness and appreciation.

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