Queen Elizabeth reacted to pictures of a little girl dressed as her surface online

January 18, 2022 STORIES


Halloween! What do you not like about this wonderful holiday? By the way, this is the time of year when you can dress up and have fun, and no one criticizes you.

So she decided to become the two-year-old Queen of Ohio, Ohio. In fact, her mother, Caitlin Sutherland, made the perfect decision and designed the dress based solely on her creativity.

The sweet little queen was dressed in a flowered hat, a blue jacket, and gloves filled with mommy’s glue. Stylish brooches and small clutches only enhance the resemblance to Queen Elizabeth. However, we all have to agree that this really creative outfit is best paired with two Jalai Corgis.

The little lady was also dressed in beautiful pearls and was fully prepared for dessert or treats. Needless to say, she caught the attention of those around her. Caitlin said that many people who thought the dress was cute walked past her and greeted her like a “gentleman.”

Realizing how much everyone loves clothes, Caitlyn posted a photo of Jalay on her Facebook page. He didn’t expect the photos to circulate online.

After the numerous comments from a huge number of people, Katelyn decided to send one of the photos to Queen Elizabeth II. To her surprise, The Palace responded.

The reply letter they got from Windsor Castle said, “The Queen quite enjoyed the splendid outfit.” Wow, just imagine what it must feel like to receive such kind words from the Queen herself and put a smile on her face.

Speaking to Inside Edition about the remarkable outfit which was dubbed “the best they have ever seen” by many, Katelyn said that it all started with the corgis which her daughter loves so very much. “The dogs are our daughter’s best friends,” she shared with The Sun and added, “We wanted to do something where they could all be included together. We are most definitely fans of the royal family and truly admire how the queen walks by faith.”

People couldn’t help but share their thoughts on Jalayne’s costume. “I adore Queen Elizabeth and that little girl is as sweet as she could be with her two corgis I’m sure that put a smile on Queen Elizabeth’s face,” one person wrote.

All eyes were on this beautiful girl last Halloween, so I can’t wait to see what her mom has in store for this year’s dress.

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