Woman Spends 25 Hours Setting Up Dominoes

September 23, 2019 VIDEOS


You might recall from childhood lining up dominoes in a row and then flicking the first one to watch them all fall one-by-one. As one domino hits the next one in front of it, it falls down, and then that domino’s fall has the next domino tumbling down, and so on. As one could imagine, this is where the term “domino effect” came from that we use to describe the cumulative effect produced by a single event; one thing happens, which leads to another thing, which in turn causes something else.

Although lining up a dozen or so dominoes in a row doesn’t take a lot of time, effort, or skill, the effect we receive when they all collapse is still enjoyable as it indicates to us whether or not we set them up correctly. Seeing each domino fall and hearing each one make that beautiful click gives us satisfaction and a bit of a dopamine rush.

In one intriguing video, domino stunt artist, Lily Hevesh—better known by her YouTube channel name, Hevesh5, which has 2.4 million subscribers to date—goes way beyond what most of us have ever done with dominoes as a child. Just 2o-years-old, the YouTuber spent 25 hours over the course of eight days setting up 15,000 dominoes of various colors to create a complex, elaborate triple spiral structure!

Toward the beginning of the video which has earned well over 76,000,000 views, we witness Lily in the act of creating her detailed domino project, working her way from the center of the spiral outward. The final showing of her completed structure leads us to believe that Lily was 100 percent correct when she called it her “best project yet!”

Then when Lily flicks the last domino she places, it’s time to test out the accuracy of her domino placement. With the different angles of her lengthy domino art project, we get a perfect view of how the domino effect unfolds.

Make sure to watch Lily create and collapse her beautiful triple spiral domino structure in the video below! If you love her work, be sure to also give her a follow on her YouTube channel when you’re finished watching.

Source: Metaspoon

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