Massive Dog Rescue Finds 66 Dogs and Puppies Living In Unimaginable Conditions

May 6, 2018 VIDEOS


Seeing animals of any kind suffer is difficult to watch. The poor dogs in this video were living in the worst conditions you can imagine. Inside, there were sick and starving dogs of all ages. These poor animals had no food or water source and were suffering in the summer heat. When you see the puppies and dogs pulled from the squalor, it will break your heart! Although it took time and a lot of dedication, the Humane Society was finally able to step in and take care of these animals.

Now, these precious dogs have been rescued and are finally able to receive the medical care they so desperately need! No animal deserves to suffer like this and it is so amazing how the Humane Society was able to help. It is important awareness is raised about what this society does so people will donate and help. Please SHARE on Facebook so others can see this rescue.

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