Little Sisters Start Dancing to Famous Song, But It’s The Horse That Has Internet in Laughter

February 25, 2018 VIDEOS


People love nice horses, and that’s for sure. In fact, horses have been known to exhibit some human qualities like enjoying good music. The sisters in this video had no idea that their family horse was into music until they put on a song and started dancing right beside the creature.

In the video, the horse is tethered to a fence and going about its animal business, but that starts changing the moment the humans start doing something quite distracting. Apparently, Silento’s “Watch Me (Whip/ Nae Nae) isn’t the kind of song to go unnoticed by an animal that loves rhythmic music. While the kids do their own dancing, the happy horse thinks up its own dancing routine and steps right in for the competition. You should start watching right now!

Since the animal is on fours and can’t really whip or “nae nae” as well as the sisters, it figures that its legs could come in quite handy in this dancing business. What happens next is leaving people with stitches and broken ribs!

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