A Surprise Duet Between Josh Groban and Josh Page

November 24, 2018 VIDEOS


This video helps illustrate a bonding moment between two singers with a shared first name and a similar level of talent. Audiences don’t usually get the chance to see audience members join the main singer onstage in order to share in the evening’s entertainment, but they will get the chance to see that during this particular video. People who spend a lot of time trying out different artists on YouTube will be familiar with the work of both Josh Groban and Josh Page. Here, they will get to see the two of them make their debut in front of the world.

The performance that both of them put on towards the end has an energetic, improvised feel to it, which only makes it seem that much more special. Too many music performances today sound overly planned, and this one is quite the opposite. Fans of both artists will love this video, and people all over Facebook should find it interesting.

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