Josh Groban’s Hauntingly Beautiful Version of ‘O Holy Night’ Will Bring You To Tears Every Time You Hear it

February 5, 2018 VIDEOS


The Christmas season is here again, and everyone is obviously excited. It’s a time to be happy with your loved ones, and it is also time to share with the less fortunate. However, you should never forget what Christmas really is about – the birth of baby Jesus!

So many songs have been sung and dedicated to this very historical and religious event, but it’s the “O Holy Night” that has really captured the hearts of many. This song speaks of the real scene and puts your soul right at the center of the event. The descriptions are heavenly!

Now, Josh Groban is known for his incredible musical prowess, and that should give you a clue of what happens when he shows up to sing this lovely song. The video brings out the true nature and vivid features as described during the birth of baby Jesus. The mood, sway, the celebration! This is just out-of-this-world!
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