All judges press The Golden Buzzer for this Spanish talent

June 17, 2020 VIDEOS


Golden Buzzer was pressed by all the judges together with the organizer of the show, and thanks to Golden Buzzer the participant is now waiting for the final.

33-year-old Florence Pache described herself as a Spanish talent and played very well, despite her initial fears. At the audition, she sang “Melody of Music” since 1959, which became the main hit in “Melody of Music”.

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He surprised the judges with she beautiful voice, so at the end of the show she won the special Golden Buzzer. The Golden Button was created by all the judges with the help of the organizers of the Spanish Got Talent.

Listen to how many people Florence Pachet, a native of Spain, took to the stage during her performance at the talent show “Melody of Music”.

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