I’ve Never Heard A Temper Tantrum Like This. The Most Adorable Stubborn Puppy

August 15, 2017 VIDEOS


At times, parents and kids don’t see eye to eye, and animals are no exception. In this video, mama bulldog Patches and her baby Elvis butt heads. Elvis was an “only puppy”. He was born with a cleft lip and had a permanent sneer, hence the name Elvis. He became a very strong, energetic, and physically active Bulldog, and now he wants to prove he’s a big boy now.

When his “mom” tries to give him a friendly push in the right direction, Elvis sasses her and throws a hilarious tantrum. He’s ready for his independence, so talks back to his mom in the most adorable way ever. Can you believe the little sounds that came out of him? It’s so cute!

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