Country couple strike pose on ice. Their bold next move has entire audience on their feet

April 15, 2018 VIDEOS


John and Sinead Kerr professional ice figures are brother and sister. Moment they took the icy stage, they immediately caught the attention of all the audience. Their special routine is none like you’ve seen before. When they took their position, you can feel that something incredible is about to happen. Their amazing performance was on point: Unique outfits, unlikely music and beautiful smiles on their faces. No one could expect such fresh routine will come out of these two.

Their choice of song wasn’t a classic music as it was expected, the duo went for a Johnny Cash classic instead. When the music started playing, the siblings started skating with a fascinating speed, the crowd instantly couldn’t help but watch their every move. Their flawless moves made the spectators at the edge of their seats. It definitely took them a lot of time, practice, hard work to achieve this greatness of performing. And just moments into their performance, we can hear the audience already applauding the talented skaters. Pressure certainly built up to keep up their perfect landings, especially as the audience and judges were watching so closely. This was their moment to shine.

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