Good Dog Becomes Emotional Support To Orphaned Foal



We all need someone who can share the joys and sorrows of life without fear of judgment.

Tai with a small horse spent the first eight days of his life with his mother.

Tai’s mother is sick. The owners tried to treat him, but he became so weak that he could not walk.

A five-year-old Australian rescue dog living on the Zip farm approached Ty and his mother and said they were on their side.

When Tai’s mother died, he did not stay with her for long, and her heart sank.

Zip made it clear that he was Taiga. The owner of the farm tried to bring Carla Zip home, but the dog wanted to stay with Taiga.

Tai lost her appetite for a while, but Zip persuaded him to eat more. He soon became a strong horse.

When Ty got along well and didn’t want to spend too much time with his mother, Zip began to give him more independence and spend more time with his sister.

Some time later, Carla met another child to help Zip have a granddaughter who was a regular on the farm. Every time he does, Zip is very happy to spend time with him and treats him just like a Thai.

Watch a video of the great friendship between Zip and Thai.

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