Dog Gets Fooled By Hide-And-Seek Game

April 21, 2022 ANIMALS VIDEOS


This man is using a hidden toy to trick his confused dog. Jack Biggs, a 25-year-old social media manager from Cambridge, UK, decided to play with his dog Otis. An 8 month old white golden retriever named Otis loves to cuddle, eat and play with other dogs. Jack does a lot of exercise for Otis, which is always fun and exciting for the dog. In this video, Otis has to figure out where the sausage came from and try to catch it before it disappears.

Throughout the game, Otis gradually became frustrated as he tried to grab the sausage. “I saw a similar video recently,” Jack said. Otis loved food and toys, so that was great. We had an amazing response on TikTok with over 180,000 views! Also there are many people who liked this video and said that they like to play the same game with their pets. We like to keep Otis’ content very simple and we’ll show his life by showing what he does and what fun things he can do. It was a lot of fun making this video!”

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