Five-legged lamb rejected by mother Is Doing Well With A Bottle

March 20, 2022 ANIMALS STORIES


A five-legged lamb abandoned by his mother is doing well after being born on a farm in Northumberland.

The unnamed lamb was one of three lambs, and some ewes could give birth to three lambs, but in this case, the five-legged lamb refused.

The farm manager, Heather Hogarty, 49, said the abandoned lambs may have been herded back in because they were smaller than they were and were fed by hand as a result.

This is a small can of mutton that is stored with other cans and does not hurt the legs, does not work, and does not touch the ground.

“We check it regularly with the vet, but when it’s not a concern – but if something like this happens in the future, surgery may be needed to remove it,” she said.

The little lamb was born on a special day, February 22, and on the second day of the week, Tuesday, and he had two brothers and a sister.

she added: “I’m not sure what it’s for, but it’s definitely an interesting and surprising coincidence.”


The little lamb, hoping they’ll name something special, is inviting people to join his Facebook page to vote – he’s lucky he was born on the White House Farm near Morpeth in Northumberland, a beautiful place that has a wide variety of animals in addition to the usual animals. animals. . farm dwellers, including alpacas, monkeys and reptiles. Since its opening in 1997, the 40-acre site has been a regular cafe for students and the general public.

Heather, who works as an HR manager but runs the family business, says she is happy that things are going well and that she continues to eat from cans when she grows up.

Interestingly, while lambing with extra limbs occurs once in a million, this is actually the second occurrence on Heather’s farm in 25 years.

The last of them was named Quinto, and he was also born with five legs, but lived a long and happy life, removing one of them, before giving birth to a four-legged, happy, healthy lamb.

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