Baby Girl Laughs Uncontrollably As She Watches Her Dog Eating Popcorn

January 25, 2019 VIDEOS


What makes you laugh the most? Is it a good joke, a fun-filled chit-chatting session with your friends, or just a good rom-com? If you asked me, I don’t think I could tell you. I would have to think long and hard to figure out what makes me laugh until tears are rolling down my face. But, I can promise you that I have laughed like that quite a few times and it’s the best feeling ever. The moment in which you’re rolling over, tears running down your faces while you’re holding on to your stomach to relieve the aching, has to be one of the best moments, ever! And, it gets even better if you’re sharing that with a special someone.

If someone persisted to know what has made me laugh uncontrollably, in the recent past, then I would direct them to the video shared below. It’s a super simple, and adorable, clip of a little girl laughing her heart out the site of her dog eating popcorn.

Sounds simple right? If you think so, then that’s exactly what this video is. It’s a natural moment that the toddler and her pup are sharing, bonding over some popcorn, and thankfully her parents caught it on camera. You always see babies bonding with their beloved dogs; canines are also loyal guardians of their little humans and tend to look after them every moment they can. So, it’s evident that the pup in this video is always close to his little friend. Even during snack time, he chooses to stay close.

It’s incredible to see that something so simple can brighten up the toddler’s mood and further strengthen her relationship with her pet, because not only is the pup always around, but he’s now also funny and fun to be with!

What are some of the precious moments that you share with your pet? Tell us about them in the comments. We’d love to read your stories!

This video made me laugh as well as give me a warm and fuzzy feeling in my heart. The clip will be a real treat for the little girl to watch and share with her dog when she’s older, and I bet she’ll be so thankful that her parents caught it all on camera. They’ll bond over this one day, that’s for sure!

Click on the link below and see the hilarious and heartwarming footage!

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