They Had to Face Off Distressed Parents to Rescue The Baby — But The Ending Has Millions in Tears

February 4, 2018 VIDEOS


It’s in the morning hours at the Amboseli Trust for Elephants. News just in claim that a little innocent elephant has gotten himself in a pit that he now finds hard to get out off. That’s how this story started!

When they got informed, the rescuers knew they had to react fast and save that little soul, so they set out to the field in question. Luckily, the huge mama elephant hadn’t left the area yet as she was distressed with the situation. You can imagine how a mother would feel looking at her kid trapped and finding themselves with no tricks to pull. It’s heartbreaking!

However, the rescuers were able to fend off the big elephants from the vicinity so they could have some space to save the little one – and they did save him. The moment was emotional. In fact, millions of people are shedding tears watching this video.
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