Even Their Children Were No Ready To Help Them, Then Angels Showed Up… WOW!

June 22, 2017 VIDEOS


The following story is hard to believe since it is something that rarely happens. It is about Dee Head and Gordon who are in their 70s. They are in Florida and came all the way from Texas after Gordon had been assured of a job in one hospital in the area.

The moment they arrived in Florida, the promised job was no longer existent. Since accessing veteran retirement benefits was not possible, the couple had to struggle with everything. Their car became a home and they had to squeeze in it together with their 3 dogs. The hurting part of the story is that their adult children were not concerned with their miserable situation.

That was the case until Brandi Dussing who was accompanied by her sister and a friend saw the two sleeping in their car. She wanted to buy them and their dogs some food. She did not stop there – she found a foster home for the three dogs and the Heads got the chance of figuring everything out. From the time she shared their story on Facebook, she has been able to collect $14,500.

For Gordon, it is God who sent angels to help them out. Through that, they have somewhere to live and it shows how a small action can lead to something great.

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