“Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan SHATTERS The Pit Bull Myth Doing This One Simple Thing…

December 16, 2017 VIDEOS


Raising a pet, particularly a dog, takes hard work and patience. Much like you wouldn’t take on the responsibility of a child if you didn’t have the proper time and resources, so shouldn’t you raise a pup without the intention of enforcing proper behavioral lessons.

That’s an important thing to remember when training any dog, but especially pit bulls. As many of our Worthytosee readers are well aware, there’s a misinformed notion about the nature of pit bulls that plagues the breed and perpetuates biases. Pit bulls are not cruel by nature — that’s a learned behavior. And failing to properly train your dog, instead resorting to yelling or hitting, will only intensify whatever frustration they’re already feeling. That goes for any dog — no matter the breed.

That’s the idea behind information shared by Dog Whisperer host Cesar Millan in the video below. Visiting a man and his pit bull puppy, Millan is tasked with explaining specific gestures to help teach the pup better manners. Using aggressive behaviors, he notes, only serves to further rile a dog up. It can send the puppy from a state of excitement into a state of aggression, and that benefits precisely no one. And in fact, it will surprise no one that using gentle training is actually more effective than screaming demands at a dog.

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