Black Lab is Thrilled to Be Out in Snow, Shows Hilarious Antics That Has Family Rolling With Laughter

November 20, 2018 VIDEOS


Most dogs will enjoy playing in the snow. They’ll run around trying to bite a few snowflakes and get the icy feel into their mouths. In fact, it’s been known that dogs have as much brains as 2-year-old kids, and that makes it the perfect mentality all set and designed to love all fun things. Well, for the dog shown in this video, it seems that grabbing or biting snowflakes isn’t the best thing to do on a snowy day!

Rafi is a Labrador that loves to play in the snow, but it’s his methods that’ll surely crack you up big time. Even his own human family can’t enough of his antics. On this day, Rafi has decided to do some “sledging” on the snow!

He lies on the snow and tries to push himself with his paws and hind legs. Well, it looks like his magic is working because he soon finds himself sliding down on his belly. And he doesn’t want to stop. See how his nice family encourages him to go for another sledge every time. Cute!

You’re love this for sure. Watch it and laugh your heart out.

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