Daughter Says She’s Been Talking To A Man Before School And Mom Is Astonished When She Hears Him

May 25, 2019 VIDEOS


A California middle schooler named Audrey was upset when she forgot to tell her mom Gina to drop her at a certain corner outside school one morning.

When Gina asked her why, Audrey explained that she was hoping to talk to the “cute little old man” before classes started.

Gina obviously wanted to know who Audrey was talking about, so she drove to Audrey’s school that week — and the second she saw the man, she says her heart burst.

His name is Wally Richardson, and he’s a 94-year-old US Navy veteran. But to the students of Marina Village Middle School, he’s known as “Mr. Knuckles.”

Each and every morning without fail, Wally wakes up early enough to get dressed, eat breakfast, head over to the middle school, and wait for the kids to arrive.

Wally greets the students with beaming smiles and inspirational sentiments. After dispensing his wisdom, he says goodbye with friendly handshakes and fist bumps. His goal is to spread kindness and positivity to students on their way to school.

Wally has been doing this for the past 10 years. His wife used to join him, but she has a hard time getting around these days.

The students agree that their morning exchange with Wally is, hands down, the best part of their day. I think you’ll understand why when you meet Mr. Knuckles below.

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