A teenager with Special Needs Rescues a Graduation Prom from Cancellation, Not Knowing that she was Chosen Queen



Prom night is one of the most anticipated events at the senior school. You have to spend weeks and months preparing for this big night. Some people imagine that they dance with friends at night in the most beautiful dress, which you can find in your favorite heels.

But what would you have felt if your Prom Night got canceled? For sure you will be heartbroken.

Emily, daughter of Lori Morrow, felt it. It seems that everything was canceled due to the plague COVID-19. Enterprises and organizations closed. Your trip to the grocery store is limited. This is also the reason why the advertisement in Highland Park High School was canceled.

When Laura received the message. She was ready to wear her fancy dress with a navy blue Heaven’s Bound theme. Her teenage daughter almost cried. But Emily quickly gathered her emotions and came up with the idea. Nothing can stop your friends from spending the evening safely.

“I know! We can have prom here!”

Laura was more than happy to fulfill her daughter’s request. Her daughter does not see how sorry she is for the canceled prom. Emily has special needs. Therefore, he agreed to leave his graduation home. The night was full of dancing, films and music. Laura: “We all got dressed and played music … we watched the show and danced a lot. She likes to dance ……

Prom committee stopped at Emil’s house to give teenagers bouquets, towels and crowns. But that was only the beginning of what they had prepared for him. High school conducted a publicity stunt for him. Run by a balloon, they blew into their horns as they walked past Emilia’s house.

Some of them congratulated Emilia on becoming a prom queen in just a few seconds. Everyone was very happy for Emily. He, of course, is one of their favorite pastimes.

The Highland Park team is very unique. They love people with special needs, and this was one of the greatest things they did for their people.

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