Puppy Uses The Crosswalk After Jaywalker Gets Hit By A Car

September 17, 2019 VIDEOS


A video of the accident is coming from Suzhou, China in which we can see a pedestrian on the road. He crossed the road in the middle of the intersection when a vehicle hit him on the ground.

Shortly after, all the attention was stolen by another actor in the clip!

After the accident, the pedestrian was lying in pain on the ground, and moments later a puppy entered the scene captured by the security camera. He first watched the events around him, and then, with his actions, impressed many online.

The puppy stepped in front of the pedestrian crossing, looked around several times, then crossed the road properly!

Many users wrote online that apparently many animals are smarter than humans. Judging by the unfolding and the scene captured by the surveillance camera, this is really the truth…

Source: klipland

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