24-year-old singer Shaquira Follows Her Dreams With This Country Hit

July 3, 2020 VIDEOS


Shakira McGrath, a 24-year-old singer from the US state of Georgia, recently listened to America’s Got Talent.

She started singing at the age of two, but never achieved new successes in the world of music – often thanks to the bad guys who always said he was not good enough.

From an early age, Shakira McGrath struggled with excess weight, and her friends always advised her not to play music.

America’s Got Talent.Youtube

She starred in America “Got Talent 2020” and heard the song when she sang “Redneck Woman” by 46-year-old singer Gretchen Wilson.

Listen to the stunning performance of 24-year-old Shakira McGrath as all the judges of the American Got Talent 2020 show.

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