Andrea Bocelli And Her 8-Year-old Daughter Sing ‘Hallelujah’ A Duet

June 9, 2021 VIDEOS


Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli and her 8-year-old daughter rekindled their excitement last month.

Together they performed the world famous hit “Hallelujah” in a hotel in the United States and became famous for their performances.

Andrea Bocelli and her 8-year-old daughter Virginia Bocelli performed at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa in Florida.

They showcased their singing talent with the hit “Hallelujah” from Canadian singer Leonard Cohen’s 1984 “Different Pozisyon”. The song is still considered one of his greatest hits.

Sing the world famous hit “Hallelujah” with Virginia Bocelli, the 8-year-old daughter of Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli. Will they conquer you with their game?

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