This Bulldog Could Not Understand This Kind Of Sound. Then He Does This!

April 20, 2017 VIDEOS


You might have come cross humans getting shocked until they use their mouths to see.  Well, this bulldog is not different either.

The recording below is going to take you to the next level of excitement and amusement like you have never come across. This English Bull Dog is funny to watch. His grumpy look with his noticeable teeth makes him appear gorgeous. When his master began making fart sounds, the dog had the hilarious response you have ever witnessed. It seems like he is trying to catch the sounds with his mouth.

This is certainly an entertaining dog video and one you will not wish not to watch. This hilarious chap will have you beaming and chuckling the whole time, just like the master. It is so funny to see him open his mouth every time the noise is made. It is nearly like he is attempting to get the air fizzes with his lips. If this video does not make you chuckle, nobody will.

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