Getting Involved In Your Niece Or Nephew´s Life Is More Important Than You Think

February 7, 2019 VIDEOS


Are you an aunt? If you are lucky to have a niece or a nephew or both you know that the role of an aunt is one of the bests there is!

Aunts are a combination of many things, they can be a friend, so you feel free to tell them about your life, they can give you advice and you are always going to listen to them because you trust them and you know they are not going to be as tough as your parents. They are fun and you know that if you hang with them you are going to have a great time, because they let you do anything but with some boundaries, the relationship is more relaxed. They spoil you and give you the best gifts because they really get to know you and they also educate you and help you understand difficult things in life in a different way.

For many children aunts are easier to talk with, they prefer to talk to their aunt or uncle instead of their mom or dad and it is easy to understand why. Telling your aunt your secrets or private stuff feels different because they are not going to judge you, especially during particular ages in life like adolescence, they are going to listen to you no matter what. They may offer different solutions and would encourage children to look at life from a different perspective.

Sharing life plans, like travel, education, work experiences can give a child more confidence, more freedom to think and to make decisions about their future.

Children have their parents to raise them, to teach them values, to provide a roof, food and education, but aunts are like second mothers and they are cooler! They are always there whenever they can (if they don´t live miles away) to play, go for a ride and do fun stuff.

The bond created between an aunt and her niece or nephew is unique and a very special one. Aunts are the blend between responsibility and freedom. With your aunt you know that you can break some rules, but not all of them! Aunts provide a unique kind of love, trust and influence that will always be remembered and will leave a mark in the child´s life. Their role is so important that if they have a negative impact on your life (it happens, there are crappy aunts and uncles as well), you will never forget!

What´s your experience? Do you have any aunts? Are you an aunt?

What do you think?