4 Aggressive Pit Bulls Attacked 97-Yr-Old Woman In Her Garden, But Her Cat Risks it All to Save Her Life

April 30, 2018 VIDEOS


Pit bulls have a bad rap as controversy surrounds them as they are stereotyped as one of the most dangerous breeds in existence.

There are some interesting statistics about pit bulls. One study shows that 51 percent of serious dog bites are from the pit bulls. Another research points out that the German shepherds and Rottweilers were responsible for fatal dog attacks in Kentucky during the study period.

97-year-old Sophie was working in her garden a few years ago in Michigan when she came face to face with four aggressive pit bulls.

Sophie says she was tending to her garden the entire day when the four dogs rushed towards her and surrounded her. One of the dogs had looked her in the eyes, and she was unsure how she would escape.

Fortunately, Sophie found help from the most unlikely quarters. Her cat, Tiger, sensed her owner was in danger and distracted the dog so that Sophie could escape.

The pit bulls live in a neighboring house, and the dogs’ owner claims the dogs are friendly. Her son did not close the windows, and the dogs escaped. However, she was fined $300.

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