Mommy Puts Glasses On Baby Girl For 1st Time But It’s Next Moment Lighting Up The Internet

August 25, 2018 VIDEOS


While it may not be easy for a new parent to know whether their child needs glasses, the Johns Hopkins medical website explains there are some habits to look out for. Things like squinting eyes, tilting heads or covering one eye could indicate that a child needs help with their vision. Another thing parents should be aware of is complaining of constant headaches or having trouble focusing on schoolwork. Poor vision could be the cause of the headaches – and the inability to visually focus on the text could be the reason why they can’t mentally focus on the assignment. Lastly, if you see your child holding their electronic devices too close, or sitting too near to the television, that could be a sign that they’re having trouble seeing.

Even though we have no way to know how this Mom noticed her daughter’s vision wasn’t developing correctly, we’re so glad she shared this footage online. As soon as Mom places Baby’s new glasses on her head, the little one’s eyes light up. So this is what the world looks like? Mom’s smile was as clear as the Caribbean Sea! Upon seeing her mother’s big grin, Baby couldn’t help but let one spread across her face as well. You’ll be smiling with them too once you take a peek at the video below. This was such a sweet moment, and we’re all so lucky to have witnessed it!

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