Young Ice Skaters Face Each Other As Music Starts Their Sultry Performance Sends Chill’s Down Everyone’s Spine

August 21, 2018 VIDEOS


As many of us know, it’s hard enough to stay upright on ice skates, let alone twirl around the rink! That’s why Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres’ European Figure Skating Championship routine is so stunning.

After the announcers commented that the routine before was hard to follow up, Vanessa and Morgan put their game faces on and shook off the nerves. It was time to show the crowd exactly what they were made of!

Vanessa and Morgan are no strangers to the international figure skating competition scene. In fact, they’ve won four French championships and competed in the European Figure Skating Championship several times in the past, but only managed to place fourth.
They were always close enough to long for a podium award, but never able to reach the steps! That’s part of the motivation behind their stunning new routine.

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