Large Litter Of Wolf Pups At Den In Northern Minnesota

March 9, 2024 VIDEOS


A few years ago, a video went viral on the Internet in which we can see an amazing scene captured by a hunting camera in the forest.

A large pack of wolf cubs was filmed there – 8 cute cubs walked in front of the camera and won the hearts of many animal lovers online with their cuteness.

Looking at the comments from internet users, what caught the attention of many reviewers was a video posted on YouTube many years ago.

Voyageurs Wolf Project, YouTube

Along with the video, the authors wrote that this is one of the largest litters of wolves. The record number of wolf cubs is 9, and in a video filmed in the forests of northern Minnesota, the number of wolf cubs is close to the world record.

Check out this cute video that you can follow along with wolves that are sure to surprise you with their cuteness.

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