When The Postman Delivers The Letter, The Dog goes into Destruction Mode

December 18, 2020 ANIMALS VIDEOS


A few days ago, Lu’s cute puppy video caught everyone’s attention.

According to the owners, it is clear from his actions that he does not like the postman.

Little Louie.Youtube

Luga’s owners have posted a summary of the problems the courier faces upon arriving at their home. They have letters and leaflets on their doors, and the dog is always angry when the postman comes.

He growls loudly when the postman stands at the door and then looks forward to showing his masters how good a protector he is. When the chain letter appears in the hole, Lu’s dog quickly grabs it and then destroys the obvious “enemy” from all directions.

This video has already become a real hit on the Internet, and Lou will definitely brighten up your day with her answer when the postman dog shows up. No dog is afraid of the postman!

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