Two of my favorites.. Tim and Disturbed. The guy never ceases to amaze! Christian Comedian Tim Hawkins –

January 5, 2019 VIDEOS


Tim Hawkins is one of the most popular Christian comedians today, and with his non-stop string of hilarious stand-up routines and parody songs, it’s no wonder! In his latest video, Tim spoofs the popular song ‘Sounds of Silence’ originally written by Paul Simon and made popular by Simon and Garfunkel back in 1964.

In 2015, the band Disturbed released their own take on the popular song with the lead singer’s gravelly voice and a stylized black and white video. It’s this version of the song that Tim Hawkins hilariously spoofs as he pokes fun at society’s obsession with Starbucks.

Hello coffee, my old friend.

I’ve come to order you, again.

I hear the grinding of espresso beans.

I need a double shot of pure caffeine.

And the Indie-band on the speakers soothes my brain

So I’ll remain

Within the sounds of Starbucks.

Tim continues his funny song by sharing how he tried to brew his own coffee at home, but that he got lonely and missed the morning rush of people as he relaxed in a cushy leather chair. So he headed back to Starbucks where things took a hilarious turn when chaos breaks out as the coffee shop ran out of cream.

Things really got out of control in this store when folks didn’t get their morning caffeine, and Tim shares ‘Then came the sound, of sirens’ as an all-out riot breaks out!

Of course, order was restored when they realized the one thing that’s true of Starbucks in the larger cities. . . that there was another store just across the way.

While a Bible study prayed

Baristas formed a barricade

The manager cried out a warning

To the angry mob that was forming

And he said I checked Google Maps

There’s another one across the street

So we stampede

And return to the sounds of Starbucks.

I know a lot of people struggle to start their day off without their morning Cup of Joe. Who else can just picture this hilarious scene in real life . . . with Tim Hawkins lounging in the corner cracking up at all of it?

Whether your favorite brew comes from the Mr. Coffee on your kitchen counter top or from the line at Starbucks, Tim’s song will surely tickle your funny bone.

What do you think?