This Daddy cannot contain his joy when his newborn baby smiles after hearing music played through a phone

August 6, 2019 VIDEOS


We can all agree that the birth of a child is a very special moment for any parent. After nine months of waiting, you are able to finally meet your precious baby for the first time.

There is joy, happiness and probably some tears. The moment is especially emotional for the father as it’s their first actual meeting and time to bond.

The bond between a dad and his child is very special. He is the protector and provider of the family and it charged with watching over the infant.


This dad just welcomed his son into the world. As he soaks up these first days together, they are already creating an adorable bond. Just watch as Dad gently rocks the baby back and forth while he plays music through his phone.

As the soothing song plays, you can see a smile spread across the sweet baby’s face. And that little grin turned into a big smile plastered across Daddy’s face.

Even though this infant may be young, it’s obvious that he already know who his father is and approves of Dad’s musical choices. It’s clips like this that completely make my heart melt into pieces.

I think back to the days when I first held my child and all of the emotions that played out in those first few days. This was definitely a special moment for this father and I’m so glad that this entire smile was caught on camera to cherish for years to come.

Source: godtube

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